Hi, Anebi here.

Some Work Highlights


I worked for Experis as a contractor specializing in data analysis from SAP fieldglass systems. I worked with other contactors on a large scale data migration project for the Manpower group.


This was my first job in America. I am grateful to the founder and CEO for the opportunity to learn about water sanitation, fixing a variety of motors, and eventually building desktop towers.

Apex Systems

It was a wonderful opportunity to work at Apex Systems. I worked as an intermediary between forward-deployed team members and clients to design and build internal systems and streamline data migration between data centers.


Business intelligence analysis at ZellePay. I scraped data from social media and internal reporting tools to support the consumer services division with data-driven insights.

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I work at the crossroads of design and programing to create order from chaos.

I am currently building Eikon Labs, a product innovation studio.