I work at the crossroads of design and programing to create order from chaos. I prefer simplicity to bloated nonsense.

I am very interested in the functional design of products and every day things we use. I work with organizations to help simplify things and help teams work more efficiently.

An innate fascination with the inner workings of things, has taken me many places. I am very much a techie at heart and have worn quite a few hats throughout my career.

I have worked in data analytics, cyber security, product design and management.
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I am an avid reader and read quite voraciously.
In my spare time, I tinker with home automation and adding mods to my 3rd Gen Mitsubishi Montero.

When I was younger, I was intrigued by the photos my dad took and with his myriad cameras. However, I never seriously pursued it as a hobby until now.

This Website

The design and IA of this website is inspired in no small way by Rasmus'. I have followed his work over the years and dig his design aesthetic. The website is built in Webflow with custom code in certain areas to make things play nice.