September 6, 2021

Mercenaries and Missionaries

Recently, I met up with a good friend and seasoned Entrepreneur. As always, it was a very good meeting and I stepped away from the conversation refreshed.
We talked about a lot of things and he was super gracious in sharing a lot of his experiences with me.

One thing that really stood out to me was something he said about Mercenaries and Missionaries.

He did concede that he came across this somewhere else - however, I was still very impressed and will be making a few tweaks going forward at Eikon.
Essentially, a mercenary just cares about punching the clock, getting the job done, and getting paid. It is purely transactional.
On the other hand, a missionary is invested in the mission and brings heart into it. They put their back into it, because they give a darn and care about the work being done. It is much more than a transaction.
I want to more Missionaries on my team.

It got me thinking too... Am I a missionary?

Do our clients see us as Missionaries? Do we lean in and work with them? Or do we punch the clock, get paid, rinse. repeat?

How do you build a culture of Missionaries?