September 6, 2021

Passion Projects

For a lot of us, we grow up with the view that we will become something.
Grown ups smile at you, stoop a little, and ask "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Essentially, you are being asked what professional affiliation you want to become forever married to.

Schools also inculcate this thinking.

Don't get me wrong.. People have inclinations, gifts, and talents, and these should be honed.

However, what does it look like to look at your career as a series of projects, passion projects?

After reading Seth Godin's blog a while ago (I went through his altMBA program too btw), I realized too that I prefer to look at my career as a series of projects that I get to be passionate about while I do them. I won't work on these projects forever - but I get to darn well do it with heart while I am at it.

While I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to do a project that they are wildly enthusiastic about. What does it look like to be a linchpin were you are at?
What does it look like to put your back into the projects you get to do now?