September 6, 2021


Certain days are akin to running on a treadmill.
You can spend a lot of time running and putting in the steps, however, you are still at the same place you started -or so it seems.

I had one of those days today and it felt exhausting. I bought a 16 year old overlander - all modded out by the previous owner. But then, a few days after shipping it to AZ, it failed emissions.

We had a camping trip planned in a few days and I somehow convinced myself that I absolutely had to fix the vehicle on the same day.

It also didn't help that I was haunted by the thought that perhaps, I had rushed in to buy this or that I could have, should have...


I spent the next 7 hours researching and tinkering with a bunch of fuses on the vehicle.

I even ripped the friggin' dashboard off at some point.

Well, 'ripped' is kind of an embelished way to describe it. It was more of me meticulously removing screws so as not to break anything.

Although the day felt very fruitless, I am learning to appreciate the lessons learned. On the plus side, I got much more familiar with the electronic components of my Vehicle.