My relationship with photography

I had an early interest in photography because my dad, a Civil Engineer, took a lot of photos and had a variety of cameras. Although, he passed away when I was really young, I got to play with his cameras and admire the pictures he took. Unfortunately, many of the cameras no longer worked. I was still intrigued by the inner workings of cameras.

Story telling

Although I never really got to hone my photography skills as a young boy, I was still fascinated with photography. I think part of the allure has to do with my love for good storytelling.

I love good stories - hearing them and telling them.
This love for good storytelling has led me in many directions in my career and life - data storytelling, photography, podcasting etc.

People, Time, & Contrast

At the core of what I shoot is a desire to highlight people, passage of time, and the contrasts in nature - light and shadows, order and chaos etc.

As the Photographer, I am able to capture a specific moment in time and draw the viewer into the picture painted.

There are many ideas on what good photography is, but for me, good photography, like art, tells a story and elicits a response from the viewer.
Through the photos I take, I want to evoke emotions and draw you into the story being told.


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